Massage Therapist

Jaclyn is a Licensed Massage Therapist who believes in a holistic approach to healing the body and soul. She graduated from the Aveda Institute South Florida and strives to nurture and care for those who are in need. With Aveda’s Ayurvedic philosophy, excellent educators, and 600 hours experience in massage therapy curriculum, Jaclyn has cultivated the medical knowledge pertaining to massage and how it is linked to our own spiritual and mental well being. Specializing in deep tissue and Reflexology, she uses a full-body approach that enhances overall relaxation and range of motion.

Jaclyn received her education from the Aveda Institute of South Florida within their dual license program which involved skincare and massage therapy. The massage therapy curriculum consisted of Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Prenatal Massage, Reflexology, Deep Tissue and Energy Work. Jaclyn goes on to continue her studies in massage therapy, integrating stretches and different modalities to broaden her ability to customize all of her experiences with her clients.


●  Lower stress levels

●  Enhanced range of motion in the joints

●  Lymphatic drainage for body detoxification and healthy elimination

●  Improves circulation

●  Pain relief (sciatica, soreness, scar tissue, etc)

●  Reduces chronic pain

●  Reduces Tension headaches

●  Stimulates release ef endorphins

●  Strengthens the Immune System

●  Reduces heart rate

●  Reduces Anxiety

●  Promotes quality sleep

●  Induces mental relaxation


Massage is over all beneficial for those who are able to receive it. But there are some cases in which massage would do more harm than good, as well aspossibly interfere with existing medical treatment. In some cases massage CAN be applied with the consultation or permission from your physician. If you have any of the below MEDICAL OR LOCAL contraindications, please contact your physician before booking a massage.

TOTAL Contraindications: ● Fever

●  Contagious diseases, including any cold or flu, no matter how mild

●  Under the influence of drugs or alcohol-including prescription medication

●  Recent operations, Skin conditions, skin injuries, and acute injuries