Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation

The crystal singing bowl meditation classes at Celestial Treasures are special events that occur twice each month – at Full Moon and at New Moon.

What it entails:

Pull an oracle card

Engage in a lively and empowering group discussion

Learn powerful journaling exercises

Get up-to-date on celestial occurrences and how may be affecting your life

Try new Pranayama techniques

Create a crystal grid around your body before going into the meditation

Journey through your chakras through the “sound massage” meditation of quartz crystal bowls

What you need:

Yoga mat

Optional:  light blanket, yoga bolster. Come comfortable!

Led by: Nikki McGowan

$25 if you RSVP in advance

Location: Celestial Treasures
Time: 8pm - 9pm
Slots Availability: 10

Call 305-461-2341 to reserve your spot, or schedule online!

Led by Nikki McGowan

Join Now

Please bring the following items!

Duration - 60 minutes