Monthly Horoscope

by Celestial Treasures



Element: Air

Planet: Uranus

Crystals to Help you through this Scorpio Season: Angelite, Fluorite, Chrysophrase, and Moonstone.

It’s no uncommon feeling to you Aquarius to be the odd one out, like you are on a completely different frequency as everyone else. Although socially, this has never worked in your favor, astrologically your frequency is considered ahead of its time. This innate ability to feel connected to innovation and different but necessary ways of thinking may have you feeling confused by other actions during this time. What you maximize others minimize, and vice versa. Channel your ability to merge the most distinct forces, bring together the present with the future.

Beneficial Days: 11/24, 11/25

Challenging Days: 11/9, 11/10



Element: Fire

Planet: Mars

Crystals to Help you through this Scorpio Season: Bloodstone, Kunzite, Pink Tourmaline and Fire Agate.

You’ve never quite understood why others become so offended by your blunt matter. Your philosophy always seems to be if it doesn’t bother me it shouldn’t bother you. All of the sudden you seem to hear your echo everywhere you go, and you’re completely turned off by it. Is that how you really sound? Reading back on old conversations you seem to be stung by your own poison. Consider this rude awakening a blessing in order for now on to be more aware of how you sound and an opportunity to be a bit nicer.

Beneficial Days: 11/1, 11/2,11/28,11/29,11/30

Challenging Days: 11/14, 11/15



Ruling Planet : The Moon Water Element

Crystals to Help you through this Scorpio Season: Moonstone, Fire Agate, Ruby and Blue Sapphire. The Scorpio energy in the air is intense Cancer. Your typical response is to retreat inside your solitary shell and the comfort of your feelings. Suddenly you find yourself loosing meaning with in your thoughts, Scorpio energy forces you out to share and influence others of your insights. Don’t fight the push to socialize, you may find yourself presently surprised by what opportunites it will bring. Beneficial Days: 11/7, 11/8 Challenging Days: 11/21,11/22,11/23


Capricorn 12/22-1/20 Element: Earth Planet: Saturn Crystals to Help you through this Scorpio Season: Garnet, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, and Carnelian. Your work is beginning to come in to fruition it’s time to recognize the power you hold and congratulate yourself for yielding it efficiently. You have worked hard for, created, and harnessed your own happiness and you deserve to feel pride in what you’ve done for yourself. Enjoy and appreciate the magic of life not for its twisted and unexpected turns but for its promising opportunities and future. Beneficial Days: 11/21, 11/22, 11/23 Challenging Days: 11/7, 11/8


5/20-6/21 Element: Air Planet: Mercury Crystals to Help you through this Scorpio Season: Chrysophrase, Aquamarine, Apophyllitie, and Emerald. Scorpio energy and in turn, Scorpio passion always instills a need for drama. You feel very influenced by this aspect of Scorpio energy as you are always used to entertaining with witty and superficial banter. During this time, you feel more compelled to be entertained by someone with much to teach you. You’re search for knowledge and a craving for living vicariously through story telling will definitely channel your ability to network and make meaningful connections. Beneficial Days:  11/5, 11/6 Challenging Days: 11/19, 11/20


7/23-8/23 Element: Fire Planet: The Sun Crystals to Help you through this Scorpio Season: Kunzite, Sunstone, Carnelian, and Aquamarine. You still seem to be feeling off balance Leo. Will it ever end?! It crucial to your spirit that you stay on top, but it’s time you begin to define what the top of the world looks like exactly. Still do not grow impatient as time can only tell where you will end up after such an unclear time in your life. Learn to work with what’s in front of you and how you can pour your heart in to it, rather than struggling to keep an oily grip to your throne. Beneficial Days:  11/9, 11/10 Challenging Days: 11/24, 11/25


9/23-10/22 Element: Air Planet: Venus Crystals to Help you through this Scorpio Season: Bloodstone, Turquoise, Sapphire, and Rose Quartz. You had a joyful birthday season, and now you crave some rest and alone time. Unfortunately, that’s not what Scorpio energy delivers. Your social charm seems to have left some lasting impression during Libra season and have come to follow you up through Scorpio season, expecting the same charming Libra energy. You start to realize being friendly isn’t always easy when you’re not in the mood, something everyone else is used to dealing with besides you. Don’t let the persistence of Scorpio energy wear you down. Beneficial Days:  11/14, 11/15 Challenging Days: 11/1, 11/2, 11/28, 11/29, 11/30


Pisces 2/20-3/20 Element: Water Planet: Neptune Crystals to Help you through this Scorpio Season: Amethyst, Bloodstone, Blue Lace Agate, and Labradorite. Pisces, you always seem to have your head in the clouds. You’ve probably learned the hard way you have to chime in to the real world every so often and make sure everything is as it should be before you prioritize things in your fantasy world. Even as you may feel secure in your immediate reality you feel pulled to cut back your time at imagination station as your intuition may be pulling you to better spend your energy towards what you can create in the physical world. Beneficial Days: 11/26, 11/27 Challenging Days: 11/11, 11/12, 11/13



Element: Fire

Planet: Jupiter

Crystals to Help you through this Scorpio Season: Turquoise, Garnet, Amethyst and Charoite.

You may still be feeling uneasy, even as things around you seem to fall in to place. Those close to you may question ‘why the sad face?’ You may deflect from these kinds of questions, because lately you may be feeling misunderstood. Truthfully this time Sagittarius, despite your tendency for foot in the mouth syndrome, it’s necessary you hear yourself out loud in order to realize you’re floating in shallow water rather than the deep end you’ve created with in your anxieties.

Beneficial Days: 11/19, 11/20

Challenging Days: 11/5, 11/6



Element: Water

Planet: Pluto

"The horror of that moment," the King went on, “I shall never, never forget!"

"You will though," the Queen said, "if you don't make a memorandum of it"

Happy Birthday Scorpio! Scorpio energy is one that instills with in all of us a true passion and spice for life. Scorpio, your resilience teaches lessons of strength and persistence. Channel these values as the Taurus moon opposition instills an intense need for practicality and traditional methods, that may discourage you right as you feel you’re about to burst with creativity. Ignore any insecurities of being taken seriously, and accept the challenge of feeling inhibited with out sacrificing any sort of spontaneous action.

Beneficial Days: 11/16, 11/17, 11/18

Challenging Days: 11/3, 11/4

Crystals to Help you through this Scorpio Season: Turquoise, Bloodstone, Apache Tear, and Malachite.

Scorpio Birthday Gift List: A Bloodstone Bracelet, Fire Burning Ritual Meditation, Custom Wire Wrapped Crystal Jewelry, A Book on Spirituality, and Roses.


4/21-5/21    Element: Earth    Planet: Venus Crystals to Help you through this Scorpio Season: Emerald, Malachite, Selenite, and Blue Lace Agate. Keeping your cool during this opposition season is not as easy as you expected. The unexpected happens, you feel overwhelmed by your work load, but how? You’re planning always ensures for a stress-free production but it seems your need for social harmony has been disrupted. Expect others to halt you more than help you during this time. Beneficial Days:  11/3, 11/4 Challenging Days: 11/16, 11/17,11/18


8/24-9/23 Element: Earth Planet: Mercury Crystals to Help you through this Scorpio Season: Amber, Orange Calcite, Garnet, and Citrine. For whatever reason, you seem comforted by the quirks that distance you from the rest of society. Your tendency to be misunderstood has finally caused you to question your own inconsistencies. You may have sacrificed self-awareness in order to defend your actions against other judgements and it’s time to equalize them both. Beneficial Days: 11/11, 11/12, 11/13 Challenging Days: 11/26, 11/27