Monthly Horoscope

by Celestial Treasures



Element: Air    Planet: Uranus

Crystals to Help you through this Libra Season: Fire Agate, Bloodstone, Blue Celestite, Moldavite

You may feel a bit strained as transformative energies still bully you through the air. You already felt your logic cracked open like a nut during Virgo season, and now Libra wants you to open up something even more private to you, your heart. The fact you even put up with the strain of Virgo season means you’ve figured out this is a necessary growing process. You just never thought it would require sacrificing the one thing you’ve always thought smart to keep out of harm’s way, your heart. Keeping it out of harm’s way is the way you don’t lose hope in humanity as they will surely walk all over it. If you have the pleasure of Libra energy in your life, you may notice it’s not hard to make them cry, just the breeze of a sad story will stroke their heart strings. Learn from your airy sister energy as transparency is transcendence.
Beneficial Days:  10/1, 10/27, 10/28, 10/29 Challenging Days: 10/13, 10/14



Element: Fire    Planet: Mars

Crystals to help you through this Libra Season:  Aragonite, Apophyllite, Bloodstone and Jade.

Welcome to your opposition season Aries! I know you accept the challenge with pride. Interestingly enough the Aries/Libra opposition is one of the more harmonious ones. The way you handle this opposition energy is the key to your first born, leader nature. You see, as an Aries you love a challenge and as Libra season challenges you to tidy up, and become aware of your relationships, you accept the challenge to prove you can be just charming as Libra, without having to sacrifice your bold Aries ways. So, although you usually don’t like to be bossed around, you have changed your perspective and accepted these nit-picking details as a challenge you’re ready to win.
Beneficial Days:  10/5, 10/6 Challenging Days: 10/18, 10/19



Ruling Planet : The Moon Water Element

Crystals to help you through this Libra Season:  Moonstone, Fire Agate, Ruby and Blue Sapphire.

Cancer, your safe place is always in solitude where you’re most comfortable and can call home. Retreating in to your Cancer shell is your usual defense mechanism when the winds bring in stormy weather among your waters. The airy Libra energy shakes you up and forces you to come out of your cave and face the world with transparency. Don’t allow yourself to lash out in spite of a lack of security. As Libra energy forces, you to use your social skills, use it to let others know exactly what’s on your mind and unleash the feelings you keep bottled up.
Beneficial Days:  10/11, 10/12 Challenging Days: 10/25,10/26



Element: Earth    Planet: Saturn

Crystals to help you through this Libra Season:  Sodalite, Fluorite, Onyx, and Aragonite.

Finally, you start to feel like you can breathe easier. You may be feeling a shift in energy. Like the slackers of the world are finally taking responsibility for the extra work youÕve been having to put in to cover them. Your hope in humanity (even if it's a tiny bit.) is restored. The mountain is becoming easier to climb and handle Capricorn. This new-found hope motivates the best in you, even your rarer sociability. Allowing you to make more progress and open more doors than ever before.
Beneficial Days:  10/25, 10/26 Challenging Days: 10/11, 10/12



Element: Air    Planet: Mercury

Crystals to help you through this Libra Season:  Chrysocolla, Rose Quartz, Apophyllitie and Chrysanthemum Stone.

You are really living up to your potential during this time Gemini, and people are astonished. Not because of your success, but the way you have come about it. Everyone expects one of your crazy ideas to come through either by your gift of gab, or your child like inspiration, but never by hunkering down on small details and letting yourself become completely submerged in the grunt work. You are finally proving to others that there is a method to your madness, saving your energy reserves until your clear path to success comes along to work through it. You are aloof because you don’t want to burn bridges with your quick wit, you are quick to escape in to your imagination in order to not burn up your attention, everything has a purpose.
Beneficial Days:  10/9, 10/10 Challenging Days: 10/22, 10/23, 10/24



Element: Fire      Planet: The Sun

Crystals to Help you through this Libra Season: Kunzite, Rose Quartz, Carnelian and Garnet.

You are in a state of exhaustion Leo. Your energy reserves are low, Virgo season wiped you out, and now Libra season expects you to put on a fake smile and give people your best self. This is a deadly combination for you to burn down everything in your way which is not good especially if you have any social events or or people to impress during this time. Don’t burn everything down along with your reputation just because you haven’t been feeling on top the last couple of months. Remember the importance of rest and rejuvenation in staying on top.
Beneficial Days:  10/13, 10/14 Challenging Days: 10/1, 10/27, 10/28,10/29



Element: Air   Planet: Venus

Crystals to help you through this Libra Season:  Sapphire, Opal, Chiastolite, and Red Jasper.

We should all wish Libra’s a very happy birthday as it almost always entails the most memorable nights out and social outings for all. Libra, you are in store for a very intense birthday season, in the best sense of the word! You will be challenged to made fearless, passionate, maybe even life changing decisions, but if you fight off the urge to engage in a frantic fit of indecisiveness, the choices you make now will ultimately lead you to the opportunities that will make your dreams a reality. Everything is on your side, financial stability,a harmonious social environment, and experience, all you need to do is be bold.
Libra Birthday Gift List: A Citrine Bracelet, Yoga Class Pass, Custom Wire Wrapped Crystal Jewelry, An Extravagant Dinner, and a Rose Quartz Lamp.
Beneficial Days:  10/18, 10/19 Challenging Days:  10/5, 10/6



Element: Water    Planet: Neptune

Crystals to help you through this Libra Season:  Amethyst, Aquamarine, Ametrine and Morganite.

This Libra season is a very transformational period for all the signs, and you are no exception to the rule. You are definitely in for your fair share of enlightenment, in the form of a reality check. Libra have been said to have many humanitarian qualities, allowing them to climb up the social food chain by understand the ins and outs of the most human values. The scales are the only man-made object of the zodiac. Pisces, Libra season urges you to recognize and embrace your more human qualities, no matter how out of this world you know mentality has proven to be.
Beneficial Days:  10/2, 10/3, 10/4, 10/30, 10/31 Challenging Days:  10/15, 10/16, 10/17



Element: Fire    Planet: Jupiter

Crystals to Help you through this Libra Season:  Rhyolite, Sugilite, Garnet and Turquoise.

You may be feeling a little bit of motion sickness at this time Sagittarius. You may be feeling thoroughly confused as you may have had plans, hopes, or events in place during this month to spread your social butterfly wings and network. Instead, your home planet has decided to pull you in to an extremely introspective and transformative mind set. This is not an easy time Sagittarius, you’re not crazy to feel challenged. Your fiery nature may impulse you to dive in and get this over with but do not overestimate your contradicting watery sensitivity. Explore and understand the shallow waters of this unknown transformational period before you find yourself drowning unnecessarily off the deep end.
Beneficial Days:  10/22, 10/23, 10/24 Challenging Days:  10/9, 10/10



Element: Water    Planet: Pluto

Crystals to help you through this Libra Season:  Apache Tear, Chrysophrase, Charoite and Opal.

There are some very transformative transits happening in the sky during this time. Scorpio, this is no challenge to you as you are the phoenix, constantly breaking yourself down and building yourself back up again. Your sensitivity can always detect a challenge or lesson you need to learn rather than other signs that may stall or avoid these situations. Surprisingly enough though Scorpio, if you feel extremely calm and at peace during this time, do not fret! Your radar is not out of whack, but this is what clear and smooth waters feel like. You are finally at harmony with the world around you and the usually deadly emotional waters you’re so used to facing.
Beneficial Days:  10/20, 10/21 Challenging Days:  10/7, 10/8



Element: Earth    Planet: Venus

Crystals to help you through this Libra Season:  Jade, Ametrine, Selenite and Blue Lace Agate.

Your sister planet energy has you feeling in your comfort zone Taurus. As others are prepared to approach situations with their best face on, you find an ease navigating through networking. There is also a heavy sense of practicality in the air working in your favor. No surprise twists or road blocks as you trust fully in your work ethic and look forward to the success you see coming your way.
Beneficial Days:  10/7, 10/8 Challenging Days:  10/20, 10/21



Element: Earth    Planet: Mercury

Crystals to help you through this Libra Season:  Rose Quartz, Vanadinite, Amber and Citrine.

Luckily, you’re in for a much lighter month than other signs. You won’t be going through so much of a transformation as your work load will. Give yourself a pat on the back you work hard and have set the final details in motion for you to now begin the fun part of your pursuit. The part where you begin your own story and develop your own perspective on how your work will change you and the world for the better.
Beneficial Days:  10/15, 10/16, 10/17 Challenging Days:  10/2, 10/3, 10/4, 10/30, 10/31