Glendys Morales

Glendys Morales is a natural born, self-taught healer. She incarnated with the knowledge and understanding of human consciousness through many lifetime experiences as a Healer, Ascended Master, Oracle, Seer and Teacher. Her mission is one of unity, awakening, and raising human consciousness through empowerment and mastery of one’s self.
Until the age of 25, Glendys was asleep in the illusion of this now reality, having forgotten her everlasting connection to the higher realms and her Higher Self. Then, one day, she spontaneously experienced what she likes to call a “personal consciousness re-birth”.
After having successfully integrated her Higher Self she now facilitates others to do the same through her energetic healing techniques and teachings.
She now works as a Light Energy Healer, Modern Shaman, Spiritual Teacher and Consciousness Activator at Luminica Healing.