The Point Zero Field Therapy is done through unconditional love and conscience to elevate people’s vibration into that of pure love for themselves and others. This healing method is guided by their Highest Good, the deepest Truth within themselves, clarity and life itself. It helps them acquire well being and healing in physical, genetic, historical, emotional, mental and spiritual areas of their lives, which all interrelated.
It took me a bit to translate the specific techniques I work on but here is an array of what I do:
– Energy healing – mixed methods energy healing, pendulum, array of quartz techniques, etc. ~~ Distance and in person sessions.
     – Chakra reading and balancing / re-energizing with energy, sound and quartz
     – Character structure healing
     – Creation of vitamins, minerals, hormones and neurotransmittors
     – DNA repair, broken soul repair, installation and activation of youth genes, retrieve fragments of the soul
     – Pericardium release massage
     – Remove and replace emotions, beliefs, diseases, patterns
     – Removal of negative spiritual work and evil spirits
     – Healing for animals, plants, objects and spaces
     – Prehispanic incense burner cleansing for people and spaces
     – Quartz vibrational alignment – 1 time or 21 days (deep cleanse)
     – Hara line (core star connection) alignment and protection rituals
     – Systemic ego (faster more energy-responsible version of Bert Hellinger’s family constellations)
– Regressions – going back in time ~~ In person only.
     – Chain of events: to identify the origin of a certain trauma or a negative emotion and heal it.
      – 4 births: visiting and healing your first memory as an individual, the moment of your birth, when your parents knew you were coming, conception and visiting your higher self to ask your life’s mission/purpose.
      – Past lives: heal trauma from previous lives.
      – In between lives: experience yourself as a soul, where you go, visualizing your 5 life options for your next life (at that past moment) and do trial runs before choosing.
– Progressions – going into the near future. ~~ In person only.
      – Pregnancy progression (3 months in): connect with the baby and take him/her through the process of birth so it is less traumatic and he/she can be best prepared to embrace the experience. Mom can connect with baby (through me) and have the baby reply to a short dialogue.