Readers Information

Dawn - Color therapy reading, Intuitive coaching, Positive affirmation readings, Crystal guidance, Oracle readings, Reiki healings, jewelry wrapping

Dawn is a spiritual healer and intuitive coachletting the di

Shana Del Pino - Birth Charting, Chakra Health, Personality Profiling , Compatibility/Relationship Guidance, Astro Forecasting, Vocational Direction, Auric Healings.,

“I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the ni

Leslie - Natal Chart Interpretation, Couples Compatibility Chart, 60/30/15 min Astrological Card Reading

From a very young age I started to recognize that among the

Ana María - Tarot Reading

Ana María connects to her spiritual guides using tarot card

Nikki McGowan - Faerie Oracle Card Reading

Nikki McGowan, a native of St. Cloud, Minnesota, began readi

REIKI - Oracle Card Reading

Reiki is a special form of energy work that stems from the U

Wendy - Tea Leaf Reading

known as Tasseography, the art of reading tea leaves which i

Antonela - Faerie Oracle Card Reading

Faerie Oracle cards differ from Tarot cards by offering less

Vintage Wisdom - Oracle Card Reading

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