“Our mission is to help you find and awaken your Higher Self —
so that you can become the next best version of YOU on all levels.”

Ever feel like you are carrying the world on your shoulders?

Do you find yourself feeling tired, fatigued, low of energy, or just not in the “mood”?

Then maybe it’s time for you to flush those old energies out. In our day to day life we absorb and accumulate energetic debris just like a shelf accumulates dust overtime. In order to become the best version of ourselves, it is important we rid ourselves from energies that make us rigid and no longer serve us.

Aura Cleansing is a natural, safe, and powerful way to remove negative unwanted energies, negative thoughts and emotions from our daily life. This ‘Energetic Body Cleansing’ helps to release emotional stress or mental blocks and helps to re-balance your own energy system perfectly again.

For prices and to schedule an appointment, please call our store at 305.461.2341 or email us at: info@celestial-treasures.com

Aura Cleansing